Friday, July 08, 2011

the Rainy Pacific Northwest

My friend Liz and I planned a trip to a world famous climbing area outside of Vancouver, British Colombia called Squamish about 6 months ago. It's a fantastic climbing area, granite rock, with incredible cracks for climbing; but I wouldn't know since we sat in a tent in the rain the whole time. It's also famously rainy; I mean it is right on the coast. If you are lucky enough to get to climb (which many are, just not during the month of june) you can see the ocean sound from the middle of your route. We spent 1 rainy day riding the ferry to a small island on the Sunshine Coast off of Vancouver. That was fun....for a day. We pirated some internet outside of an adventure rec center that evening and found ourselves staring at a very dismal forecast- rain, rain, and more rain. I think that up there it's always misting with periods of thicker mist and heavier rain. I'm told that august and september are actually beautiful with sunshine and puffy clouds. I don't believe it. Anyway, with the moisture getting us down we decided to drive south back into Washington, to a little town called Leavenworth.It's on the eastern side of the cascades and thus has stable, sunny and warm weather. It is one of the cutest little towns ever! it has a Bavarian theme and is very touristy. however the Wenatchee National Forest borders the town and that is where we actually did get to do some climbing. We climbed a route called Outer Space, and it's one of the best routes i've climbed anywhere, ever. So we did end up getting to do a little climbing after all.

coming back liz couldn't fit everything into her bags so she carried on her sleeping bag. we tucked ourselves in for a little nap.

Liz and I at the top of Outer Space with the Leavenworth valley in the background

This is the mountain goat who greeted us at the base of the climb. We named it Patches. When we summited he was there too! (or it could have been his twin...)

our friend Lacy who lives in Bellingham drove over to climb with us for a couple days too. this is on the summit of Outer Space with Prussik Peak in the background.

Liz coming up on the best 5.7 pitch i've ever climbed. The route is called Outer Space, it's about 800 feet tall, rated 5.9 and so much fun!

Liz, Lacy, and I

Patches and Lacy scrambling to the start of the route

Hiking in

On the day in Squamish when it was raining we took the ferry to the Sunshine Coast to a small town called Gibsons. It wasn't that great. We found a park and i found this park bench where i proceeded to read the guidebook about climbing in squamish since i wasn't able to climb in squamish...

We also found this hat shop in gibsons. it was pretty fun trying on all those hats.

The ferry ride...and the dark skies above!!

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GnarWire said...

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Really inspiring to see that you are back out in the mountains. I know it's the last thing you probably want to talk about, but would love some advice and any info you could provide me. If you feel up to it my email address is

Thanks for the inspiration this morning,