Monday, June 29, 2009

Being Post Op in Salt Lake

I'm improving. the nights are still very long and i can't sleep through them because of positioning and comfort. I've gotten out a bit more though- my mom and i went up to the mountains last week and she pushed me around the one mile long wheel chair accessible hike around a lake. it was so incredibly nice to breathe the fresh mountain air and see the snow covered mountains again. that same day i also made my first foray back into grocery shopping... on the electric grocery shopping cart! that was the highlight of my recovery thus far. i got some strange looks in the grocery store though.

we've had a few friends over here and there and have been playing many games of Settlers of Catan. It passes the evenings quite quickly, my mom is quickly becoming a pro. ha. we've also introduced my mom to facebook, at which she is not quickly becoming a pro. ha.

i hosted our sporatic and random clothing exchange last week as well. a bunch of friends and i clean out our closets and pool the clothes so we can all pick and choose over which of each other's clothes we like. it's a great, free way to get 'new' clothes.

my sister also visited with her 3 toddlers. that made the week go by even more quickly- a visit to the park (pictured), the pool for a swim lesson, the zoo (in a wheelchair) all made the days fly by.

the last pic was taken of me in the hospital. i only stayed 2 nights. i kinda missed that hospital bed- it was so comfortable and convenient! (i think only someone truly sick or injured could say that....)

so really, the past 3 weeks have gone by relatively quickly. there are hours that last days and days that last years, but somehow the time is passing by much faster than i anticipated. eric gets to come home for lunches most days so it's a nice break in the day. and my mom and i have tried to do something each afternoon which helps the day along as well. i got myself into bed for the first time yesterday...yay!

we're planning on another mountain adventure this week, to get into cooler temps and fresh air.

My wonderful mother who came out all the way from arkansas to take care of me

The clothing exchange. My friends and I clean out our closets and bring the goods together to pick and choose to suppliment our own closets.

There have been many games so Settlers of Catan. I have lost many of them (thus the sad face)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Even Cowgirls get the Blues

Well, it's about time i post. but i don't have any fun pictures to put up. and i really don't even have any fun stories to tell. i mean, how interesting is: I made it down the stairs to the basement today. or I get my stitches out this Wednesday.

My sister and 3 toddlers just left this morning. leaving us a very quiet, lonelier, and cleaner house. I miss them already though because they made the week go by very quickly. I don't have any measure against which i could compare my healing/progression, but i think i'm doing well. I have been off narcotics for a week now. i was never taking very much, but what i did take affected me quite strongly and negatively (fuzzy headed and dizzy all the time). i'm getting around much better and am more comfortable in general. I still can't sit in the same position for too long, and standing on my left leg doens't last very long either before i get tired.

i was actually very positive about it all until about 30 minutes ago when i committed an error. i think. i started browsing blogs and found a few friends blogs i didn't know existed and checked up on a few friends that i regularly follow and discovered that everyone, absolutely EVERYONE on this planet is having a fantastic, fun and adventure filled, ACTIVE, and fabulous summer. except me. because i can't even walk. now i'm having a full fledged pity party. really, i was proud of myself because yesterday i crutched the farthest i have yet to crutch. about 100 yards. to the bathroom at the park. and i thought that was so good and i was doing so well. and maybe i am. maybe i'm healing by leaps and bounds. but nothing speeds up the 6 weeks it takes until i can walk on my leg again. or the 20 session of physical therapy i have to have afterwards to get my leg actually working again. nothing speeds up the 3 months i have to wait to ride a bike. nothing speeds up the 6 months i have to wait for full recovery and a climbing harness.

This is just a vent post. i'm sure i'll be feeling happier and more positive in a few moments and life won't seem so.... sendentary.

all you who can bend, twist, cross your legs, pick something up off the floor when you drop it, run, climb, bike, hike, MOVE or WALK..... please be grateful. and think of me.

okay a positive- my mom is still here. and we're going to get italian hot chocolate this afternoon at a cafe b/c i'm feeling up to it for the first time. as long as we bring along a pillow for me to sit on.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This is Eric, and I wanted to put up a quick post that Polly is recovering well (has good parts of the day and less comfortable parts of the day). She was able to stand and make a latte this morning and get into and out of a chair for breakfast. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers, care packages, flowers, and support visits. It really is amazing the difference all that makes for Polly. Feel free to come visit or to call and say hi.

Thanks again!

All tucked in, but smiling!