Thursday, April 28, 2011

Need More Posts

Yep, It happened. The blog died. or is at least trying to die. got a bit uninspired there during the winter- lots of sitting around and wishing my ankle wasn't the size of a grapefruit. Ankle is back to the right size and actually mostly working well. ice climbing happened in mid february, Skiing started in late february, climbing started in late march and april was full of both. maybe some photos to prove that it happened? Okay!

Ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado with our friends Zach and Leigh:

skiing in February, first time out!

St George climbing with Jamie:

Ski Touring in our lovely Wasatch Mountains:

a return to St George with Eric, Chad and Tamara:

Eric had a birthday:

Then I faced my worst fears and returned to the site of the crime: Red Rocks, Nevada- where I broke my ankle in october. my brother Nelson met me again, and this time we actually got to climb!

How's that for a little blog CPR?

**all the good photos were made possible through a generous grant from Eric Dacus, Photographer Extraordinaire and Husband