Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Ole Picture Post

Pictures from the past couple months:

Christmas with the Dacus family. Jesse and Tera Shea- my soon to be sister-in-law!

me and Mom Dacus

Eric and I in Arkansas- it'd been 3 years!

Dad Dacus and I eyeing their plot of land.

next up: The yurt trip at Norway Flats in the Uintas:

Eric and I on the way back out.

Toasting our general health

Happy camper inside the yurt. it was cushy!

Brian and I finding the way....our REI catalogue shot for the adventure.

And my one and only day skiing this winter!! Eric pieced this picture together with several that he took as i skied down. It was a great day out!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Winter Hike

pausing in the sun

my REI catalogue face

it's been a while! A couple trips here and there. We met my family in Zion National Park for thanksgiving. it was great. We hiked Angel's Landing, which was a big success for me (and my 5 year old nephew who made it to the look-out before the hike gets truly scary)!
We flew home to arkansas to see eric's parents. It was quick trip for me as I worked both the christmas and new year's holidays. Sometimes, nurses really don't have the best schedules.
The snow in utah has been pretty poor this season.I think it's b/c i am secretly doing the 'no snow dance' so I don't feel like I miss out this year. ha. We have gone on a few hikes though, which has gotten a whole lot easier for me. We stayed in a yurt in the Uintas- which was perfectly lovely. Then, i even made it down the ski hill!! I haven't downhill skied yet this year, mostly out of fear of what my hip would or wouldn't do. it actually performed perfectly with no pain! it was though, my first and last (at least for a couple months) ski day.
I am having the two screws that are in my hip taken out on monday. This is so we can get an MRI of the hip and try to find out why i still have so much pain there. I've been doing a lot of physical therapy, hip socket mobilization, massage, and exercising these past 2 months with no significant improvement in the flexion, range of motion, and pain in my hip.
so, there you have it. the screws come out in a simple procedure (still considered surgery however). then i have to take it easy for 6 weeks (ie- no skiing, or activities where i could fall as the bone has been tampered with and could break more easily right after this surgery). but nothing i have to take work off for or anything. i'm hoping this really just won't be a big deal and maybe, even, hopefully, my hip will feel better with the screws gone. i can feel them from time to time, especially when we hike. i'm glad they are coming out and i'm glad i'm getting it done now as opposed to next winter or something when i'd be truly bummed about not skiing for 6 weeks (i'll be doing the snow dance next season for sure)

My goal now is to make it to april, when i have decided to start climbing again. i'm pretty much just set on it- i don't care where i am in recovery, or how it feels or doesn't feel. i'm done not doing the activities that i love. so april, here i come!

i am visiting my sister in boise, idaho for a few days in february while i recover from the screw removal. then maybe i'll do a little more skiing in march.

all in all, i'm doing well with the hip recovery. hurts more than i'd like it to. i still have moments of sadness and hopelessness that i'll ever feel normal again. but i think it's normal to feel that way. they only last for a bit, then i learn how to move on again.

so just a couple more months in my mind and then i'll have all the restrictions taken away. i can't wait!!!!