Saturday, January 08, 2011

Been a while

winter smile

Well, I haven't posted in a while. I haven't been doing much because of the ankle situation. It is taking much much longer than anticipated to heal. i am 10 weeks out from the injury, and still having difficulty with pain-free walking day to day. hiking is sitll out of the question as i can't handle the uneven ground. i attempted skiing a couple weeks ago and paid for that by limping and swelling for the next 10 days. this is such a long process! it's been difficult to sit by and watch the snow fall, all the while never taking my season ski pass to Alta out of its squeaky new package. i think this injury has been so much harder b/c i spent all my positive energy on the hip recovery; and now i am hit with another long recovery so soon on the heals of the hip. it's been a long winter for me and it's not over yet. i am expecting a 4 month recovery time, putting me into march before i get to really play outside again.
today eric and i hiked up a groomed cross country trail, which gave me even footing and a wide trail. it was incredible to get into the mountain air again- it's something i plan on making a habit until i can ski again. oh how i do miss my mountains.