Friday, October 12, 2007

"A nice little Home Wife, giving me the Stable life"- David Gray

Our Little Cottonwood Canyon with the first sticking snow!

Eric and I out on a glorious fall day

Me leading Plumbline Crack, 5.10 in Little Cottonwood

Snow had come to our hills, and most of our friends are getting very excited about the ski season again. We still have a couple of months before we strap on our sticks though, but it's still exciting to see the progress of change in our hills.

The ER has been great! My brain seems too full after every shift- there is so much to be learning and remembering at the same time. but i have met a lot of nice people, and i feel confident that i will get the hang of it there. it is always hard to be new though, and i've felt kinda lonely the past couple of weeks. Eric has been great and has been trying to wait up for me to get home at night. i'll still be very sleepy when he leaves in the morning so he stays up until all odd hours to spend a little more time with me. it's working so far! i am transitioning from the morning-day-time Polly that most of my friends know into the night-time Polly. it kinda does a number on my brain, my body, and my energy level. i can't seem to wake up before 10 am nor fall asleep before midnight. one good thing that comes out of all this is that i really appreciate my days off. they seem more full b/c i am more satisfied with the time i have. work is exciting, and i actually look forward to the shifts. they are just long. a whole stinkin' lot happens in an ER in 12 hours!!

so we were without internet for a few days. we couldn't figure out why until one evening eric noticed the wire cable for our internet was completely chewed through and pulled off the back of the PILSNER!! we put him in the back yard every day when we leave for work, and i think he gets lonely, stubborn, and bored back there. so, of course, how enticing and yummy is a plastic encoated wire cable?! that dog!!!!! he's officially one year old this month. i think in human years that's like 7 or something. we still have a long year ahead of us!

some nice october facts:
*I have almost all of my christmas presents bought.
*I had strep throat again this week. i just had it last spring. i've only ever had strep throat these two times and they were both within the same year. i can only thank the new job and the couple cases of strep i saw there last week. i had to call in sick on my second week of work. bummer!
*with my insurance, a full dose of penicillin only costs me $3.
*The CD i've been listening to and really like is KT Tunstall's new album "Drastic Fantastic".
*Drivers don't look for bike commuters at 12:30 AM. I have to be extremely careful.