Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day and Such

Over Labor Day a crew from Salt Lake went up to City of Rocks, Idaho. This is a national recreation area that is formed of a bunch of blobby granite rocks. they aren't more than 100-maybe 200 feet tall, but the climbing is stellar. there is also a lot of hiking around too. it's this oasis in the middle of farm land and desert. you are driving a long and then suddenly bam! a bunch of rocks! it's a fun place. Eric and i and our friends Sam and Heidi went up there and met a couple other friends from salt lake for a hopeful weekend of climbing. unfortunately the weather moved in saturday night/sunday morning and we only got to climb 1 day. we bailed and drove the 2.5 hours back to salt lake and enjoyed the rainy weekend from the warmth and comfort of our homes.

This past weekend my good friend Tracy got married in Livingston, Montana. Our whole salt lake friend group made the trek up there and celebrated with she and scott. it was a great outdoor wedding, with the weather holding off just long enough for scott and tracy to get hitched. it was a long drive of those times where you are actually in the car longer than you are there... but weddings are worth it.

Me on Thin Slice, 5.10a City of Rocks

I can't remember the name of this climb was some 5.8 that eric and sam climbed first and then eric took some pics. Heidi is belaying me.

City of Rocks, Idaho. The weather is moving in!

Katie and I at Tracy's Wedding in Montana. This is what i call "plastic smile". it happens when i say, "hey eric, take our picture" and we immediately strike a cute pose and smile. but he has to change and fiddle a few things on the camera first before the picture will be right. so by the time he takes the photot we have 'plastic smile'.

The Salt Lake City girls at Tracy's wedding. from L to R: Alyssa, Katie, Tracy, Me, Jen

Eric and I at the wedding

Jen and I at the wedding with a narrowly avoided plastic smile....