Friday, June 25, 2010

summer stuff

Back yard BBQ Parties! Katie, Tracy and I:

Bike Commuting! my most favorite and needed part of the work day:

Climbing Trips

well somewhere in the past month or so i've been climbing! Indian Creek happened late this year- in mid May which is usually flaming hot down south. it was a fantastic trip, but all the pictures were taken with Liz's camera (that's what happens when eric doesn't come along!) and i don't have the pics to post. we also enjoyed climbing with our friends Dave and Allie, a new couple for tripping to the creek with!

I spent the next couple weeks after indian creek just trying to get in laps around salt lake climbing. i realized i had lost more strength than i thought. i just couldn't keep my arms above my head for very long (as evidenced by all the falls i took while in indian creek in may) so a few different partners, including Liz and Jamie, have helped me get my climbing arms back above me.

eric and i just went to a somewhat local climbing mecca in southern idaho called City of Rocks. it's only about 3 hours away, which makes it feel quite close. it's got a lifetime of granite climbing. infact, we were there almost exactly 1 year ago prior to my big hip surgery. so this was an important trip for me. i returned to some of the climbs i had done previously, and climbed them even better than i did before the surgery (no thanks to the surgery however. i think the real reason is that i've had all this time to sit around and think about climbing and not get to. so that when the opportunity finally arrived i was just so stoked to be out that i went on a sending spree. i, in fact, do not have increased range of motion at all in my hip. it's actually more restrictive than before due to the soft tissue issues - such as capsulitis and inflammation in general) i am not back to my pre-surgery flexibility (which was poor to begin with) and don't have better use of the hip. i experience more pain than i did before the surgery as well. BUT (and it's a big but!) i am hiking and climbing and for that i am so thankful, excited, and STOKED about. i'm not complaining anymore, i'm just climbing!!! here are some pics:

E and I on top of Morning glory Spire

and I packed my angry face to show the cold, windy, rainy weather when it showed up...

following Skyline on Morning glory spire

mmm, broccoli for dinner!!

Snakes and Ladders, run-out 5.9

the climb I'm most proud of for the weekend: Double Cracks, the sandbagged gold standard 5.10a in the City

hard to see the bird that i'm mimicking in this picture....

me: "Look Eric, Booty!! I LOVE free cams! and even better, it's a brand new #4 camalot- very expensive and coveted!"
Eric: "ya... i think it's those guys who just now rappelled down. you should probably give it back"
Me: Angry face!

it turned out alright though. i returned this cam only to find another one on a different climb later in the day.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Barfy Boise

I recently returned from a trip to Boise, Idaho to visit with my sister after the birth of her new baby son, Seth. I always forget how much energy children require- i was exhausted after only a few hours. The kids are really great though, and I enjoy watching them grow up. My mom was up there too to help take care of the chitlens and miranda, as she had a c-section. so i got to visit with lots of family! the visit was going swimmingly, until i caught some stomach virus/flu bug thing the night before i was supposed to leave. i spent the night throwing up and feeling quite ill. strange thing is, this happened last time i was up there in february. now i can't help but associate visiting the kiddos with barfing. i told miranda the next time i visit i am going on a complete fast for the duration of the visit. that way if i get the crud again i won't have anything to throw up. it still was a good trip, just ended in a not so good way. i guess this was the second Barf Fest 2010, the first being in february. thanks nephews and neice, i don't want another invitation.

me and seth, pre-barf