Sunday, July 12, 2009

Penguin Game!

Any time I have needed just a little stimulation for a brief(or long!) period of boredom, the penguin game has come to my rescue. I was never allowed to play nintendo growing up, and i thought that now, at the ripe age of 26, it would be a good time to learn. we've had trouble trying to round up a genuine old super mario nintendo game and system however. i tried nintendo 64 and couldn't figure out which way was forward or how to use the wand/paddle thingie and my hope was dwindling for learning the nintendo art. eric saved the day with introducing the penguin game to me. it's exactly like mario brothers except it was reverse programmed with linux (however you spell it) and a penguin is the star, not a little man named mario. except for that everything, absolutely everything is exactly the same. eric got it offline somewhere so i play iton the lap top with the arrow keys and have passed eric in the number of levels i have dominated (i'm pretty proud of that) my mom was afraid i was getting addicted, but i'm pretty sure i'll be fine without little penguin guy when i can actually walk.

one more level before bedtime please!!

sweet! i'm about to get flower power! (remember, the power to shoot the little bad guys?)

i had my first day back at work last saturday. it was long, but mostly pain free and i was very excited and pleased at how well it actually went. i'm working in our 23 hour short stay unit until september when i will hopefully be running around sufficiently to work in the main ER. still on 2 crutches awaiting july 22 when i have my post-op xray to show my bone completely healed. then i'll start physical therapy. yeah!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Signs of Recovery

This is Eric again, and I wanted to put up a quick post to say the Polly is recovering well and has been up and about and also able to sit for longer spans of time (going out for dinner, games of Settlers of Catan, etc). Thanks for the continued support!

Settlers of Catan-1
Settlers of Catan-2

You know Polly's feeling better when she's in the kitchen!