Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Status Update

I finally had my MRI and the news is NOT good: here are the radiologists exact words:

1. Bucket handle tear of labrum, new finding since comparison of 1/09.
2. Persistent anterior-superior labral irregularity. Difficult to assess in location given prior surgical intervention. Irregularity may be entirely postoperative.
3. Resection of the ligamentum teres with edema in the medial acetabular wall at site of normal ligament attachements. Edema likely reactive from prior hip disarticulation.
4. Prior femoral osteoplasty, proximal femoral osteotomy and acetabuloplasty.

so, in normal speak, i have a new tear in the cartilage of the right hip socket, plus i also have adhesions between the hip joint capsule and the femoral head. all in all: the hip is tight, is painful, has a new tear, and i'm worse off. maybe i shouldn't be posting right now when i'm so bummed out. it just sucks that i still have the same problem i had pre-operation and in total the hip joint hurts way more. I have an appt with my surgeon next week to see what he thinks about the whole situation. i have no idea how i re-tore the cartilage. pretty low right now--- and just anxious about the whole thing- will i be able to climb? will i have pain for the next ever? will i ever be able to sit in the same position for longer than 10 minutes without needing to stretch the hip? will i ever stop limping?? i guess the answer is all the same: time.