Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the Month of May

may is a great month in salt lake. the weather alternate between crisp dry air and rain- both of which i love. the wisteria plant blooms in our front yard, as do all the tulips and random other plants. the green returns to the mountains and the valley. it's a good time. it's also my birthday month, which makes it my favorite. i celebrated my birthday in Indian creek, as we are having a cooler than usual spring, it is still good climbing weather in southern utah. eric didn't get to come on the trip, which means i didn't have a camera to take pics. my friend Liz took some though, so i'll post if i can steal her camera. before the trip though, i had a 4-Square birthday party. very fun.
the hip is coming along- nearly pain free!. the quad muscle has settled down... i am back!

the beautiful wisteria blooms! this vine grows across the front of our house- i love it!

my friend Jamie threw me a 4-Square birthday party. it was a total blast and brought back all those grade school egos...

plannig out perfect square....

drawing out the perfect square..

nice moves kids!

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Powder

we had a fantastic powder dump at the beginning of least 30 inches in 3 days. eric and i got out on May 1 for a short, but epic tour. it was hard to believe i was skiing down fresh powder when just 2 days earlier i was climbing in a tank top in the sunshine! i've never seen a snow dump like this in may before. it was great!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Red Rocks 2010

My friend Jamie and i spent a week in the desert outside of Las Vegas climbing at a national rec area called Red Rock Canyon. It's beautiful down there and only 6 hours away from salt lake! the first couple days were windy, cold, rainy, and even a bit snowy. we did some 'urban hiking' down the las vegas strip, which was more mentally taxing than any of the climbing we did! we did get in 4 perfectly sunny days of climbing and had a blast. ye ole' hip actually did quite well. my body is still figuring out how to manuever- feels like i got the tires changed and haven't quite figured out how to use them. i'm still struggling against some limited range of motion and quite a bit of residual pain in my quad muscle. i hope these are just time things though. my head is in a really good place for climbing, and the trip felt like a huge success.

of course the images are in reverse order, but you get the idea.

sad b/c it's leaving time

the pink tourist bus- they pack them in here like clowns and then off load at every scenic's quite funny to watch them all pile out of this bright, pink bus

yummy mac'n'cheese with sausage dinner

There is a sign at one of the stops on the scenic loop that goes around the rec area that explains rock climbing and protection and ropes etc. the title of the sign is "cliff dancers". i was just busting one of the many dancing moves we climbers do....

Pasta Primavera dinner!

Herd of Mountain goats- about 10 of them! i was literally just saying how much i wanted to see this animal when we suprised a herd of them on the trail. they are amazing creatures!

Top of Olive Oil.

Teen Girl Squad goes rock climbing!

mmm quesadilla dinner! yum!

Quincy, the camp cat.

Jamie and I at the top of Birdland- we did actually climb!

stopping in to apply makeup in Sephora on the strip. no climbing trip is complete without a makeup store stop.

giant moss ball in the Belaggio... i don't understand...

a telling sign during our urban hike

can't climb when it looks like this...

it's rolling in..

our first evening meal. we ate so well we took pictures of every meal

the new dining room...and sleeping room...and do everything in room b/c it's the only place that blocks out the wind...