Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snow Style-y

It was raining today. And yesterday, when the weather was perfect, I was sick. So I started the day pouting. but Eric and I quickly got to talking about our upcoming trip to Chamonix, France in August. Talking about what routes we want to climb, where we are going to stay...all the fun things you think about before an actual trip. Then we started talking about how we are going to get to the climbs we want to climb....and the words 'ice ax' and 'crampons' started getting thrown out there. Then I started to get scared. :) So we took the middle part of the rainy/snowey day (in june!!) to learn the art of Self-Arresting. or basically : how to stop yourself when you are flying down a slick and hard snowy hillside at an ever increasing rate before you wet/soil your pants. i'm not a fan of mountaineering- too much futsing and too many details that just bog me down. but i have to concede that we will be crossing snow fields and glaciers while in France. therefore, I need to figure this thing out. Mission accomplished!

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