Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bike. Climb. Bike

Eric and I have, for over one year, wanted to participate in a 'Human-Powered Climbing Day" where we ride our bikes up into one of the cottonwood canyons and climb a route. Today was the day! We biked from our house to Big Cottonwood to the base of a 400 foot climb called Outside Corner and back home again! It was about a 13 mile bike ride, one way. the rout was 400 ft, and I don't know the elevation gain (it was a lot). We are both very tired tonight, but very happy to have powered our own climbing today!

What would the day be without at least 1 flat tire? Thankfully this happened only about 2 miles from home and Eric is really good at changing flat bike tires (since he has them all the time!)

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